About Us

Growth Network Holdings is focused on building world class brands through a vertically integrated ecosystem.

Cultivation / Manufacturing



World Class Brands

Our Brands

Growth Network Holdings is building a portfolio of world-class brands, each designed to deeply connect with specific consumers across a wide range of demographics and product preferences.

Crafting Better Cannabis. Founded by passionate cannabis craftsman, Ervana was established to create high-quality, consistent, and environmentally conscious cannabis products for everyday enjoyment.

We’re bringing the best in cannabis under one banner. The best growers, the best genetics, the best artists. This is cannabis for the connoisseurs – built by smokers for smokers. SEMPER INVICTUS.

We’re dedicated to offering top quality sun-grown Cali weed at a price everyone can afford. Instead of focusing on trendy marketing and flashy packaging, we focus on making our amigos feel better…just like any good friend would.

The High Note is dedicated to creating a premiere cannabis experience where everyone is welcomed, from the connoisseur to the curious, making cannabis more accessible for those who want and need it.

Our Retail

The High Note was born out the need for a dispensary model that welcomes the connoisseur and the curious alike in a premium environment more akin to high-end hospitality. Inspired by the modern prohibition repeal of cannabis, The High Note locations give a nod to speakeasies of the past with every detail being designed with the consumer experience in mind.

Consistency is a pillar of The High Note brand. Consistency in experience and product offerings allow our consumers piece of mind knowing what to expect, no matter what location they visit. It’s this consistency, coupled with our welcoming premium retail model, that uniquely positions the High Note for scale. Currently, the High Note operates two locations in Los Angeles with more in the pipeline.

Our Distribution

Deep experience in the cannabis space along with operational expertise has allowed us to build a distribution model that provides value to our partners while taking advantage of efficiencies of scale.

Many cannabis brands and manufacturers have distribution licenses but face high costs and bandwidth gaps when implementing these systems. Canna Distribution and Transit fills this gap. We allow manufacturers and brands to do what they do best, build product and brands, while we handle everything else. We are able to offer cost savings to our partners while carving out a scalable business.

Our Cultivation & Manufacturing

California City Cultivation & Manufacturing Campus

In 2019, Growth Network Holdings will break ground on the largest cannabis cultivation facility in the state. California City will be home to the flagship 30-acre campus where our vision for a largescale cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing hub will come to life. Using our expertise in cannabis and operations, we will be building our facility from the ground up. Designed specifically for producing high yields, efficient processes, and world-class quality products, our facility will be setting the bar for the industry.

It all begins with our flower with 100,000 square feet of indoor hydroponics and 360,000 square feet of light deprivation greenhouse, all using our proprietary growing techniques, we will have a reliable supply of high potency cannabis mass all year round. Our extraction laboratory is designed to produce superior quality cannabis extracts. Through our ISO 7 certified lab and FDA certified nutraceutical grade equipment, we will be producing category leading distillate and extracts. Our 100,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution center along with a water reclamation system round out the hub of our world-class cannabis campus.

29.5 Acres zoned M1 Green Zone

560,000 sq ft of cultivation and manufacturing

140,000 pounds of dry flower a year capacity

60,000 liters of distillate a year capacity

East LA Cultivation & Manufacturing Facility

In April 2019, we will break ground on a flagship facility in the heart of Los Angeles. This one-of-a-kind facility will house 32,000 square feet of cultivation and manufacturing while also featuring a consumer-facing visitor center.

Members of the public will be invited to tour the facility and see firsthand the grow process, from seed to trim. Our consumer-facing element will take a cue from successful craft beer brewpubs by combining education, entertainment, and commerce. Our East LA cultivation and manufacturing facility will be a destination and a fully functioning operation all rolled into one.

Forging our own path


John Jezzini enters the cannabis space and develops proprietary cultivation practices yielding high potency flower at industry-leading margins.


Grew to 4 cultivation locations, cultivating over 100,000 square feet of canopy and becoming one of the top suppliers in Los Angeles.


Entered the cannabis retail space.


Grew his operations to 12 retail locations.


New regulation required contracting from 12 retail locations to 2.


The High Note East opened.


Prop 64 passed and in an effort to get ahead of coming legislation, the cultivation facilities were closed down.


The High Note West opened, adding the westside of LA to our retail footprint.


Launched Ervana and Amigo brands. Broke ground on the East LA cultivation and manufacturing center.


Coalition brand launch. Opening of grow, manufacturing, and distribution facility.